Laguna Beach Properties

History & Philosophy

Our history of service has gained us recognition for integrity and professionalism, with a longstanding reputation of first class service and award winning expertise. We also have a very personal interest, and commitment to our clientele, Laguna Beach and surrounding communities.

Our success in serving our clients is evidenced by nearly 40 years in the business. The key to our success is simple – our agents are experienced, knowledgeable, credible and ethical. These are characteristics and responsibilities we take very seriously and strive to practice every day.

We truly believe that after working with us, you will understand the difference between our service and that of our competitors. Seasoned real estate investors, home buyers, home sellers, and renters choose to work with us time and time again and refer others to us. Reputation is the ultimate key to success in real estate, as referrals are by far the best advertising available.

Therefore, we understand the importance of doing everything possible to satisfy your needs and expectations. We take a true consultative approach when dealing with our clients and seek to understand their needs and goals. We seek to provide helpful answers, practical solutions,and unparalleled value.

Many changes have occurred in the real estate industry during our nearly 40 years in the business. We understand the need to keep up with those changes. For example, today the majority of real estate buyers begin their search on the web and most sellers understand that internet marketing is as effective as any form of print advertising. You will find our website and our print advertising at the forefront. However, we also recognize that information on a website or a printed advertisement does not replace the knowledge of an experienced REALTOR®.

We welcome you to contact us without obligation. We respect your privacy and will courteously answer your initial questions without the need of your name, registration, or any personal information.